Fast-swap body system for tipper body - semitrailer operation

Product benefits

  • Optimum fixation for rapid body replacement via locking pins
  • Front and rear supports for secure body placement
  • Attached fifth-wheel plate for use of a tipping semitrailer
  • Tipper body construction using conical, trapezoidal profile side members incl. guides and positioners for safe and simple replacement
  • Low tipping pivot points for wide deflection of bulk goods from truck
  • OPTIONAL: Pneumatic lifting bellows for raising the entire body on trucks with rear-axle leaf suspension
  • OPTIONAL: Support legs for placement of fifth-wheel coupling

Product details

With fixed subframe

Tipper body and STT equipment

Tipper body

The tipper subframe, which is fixed to the chassis as per body guidelines, is tapered at the rear for semitrailer operation and
the pat. outrigger welded in a recessed position.
The tilt cylinders with deactivation and arrester cable are affixed to the tipper body using towing pins.

Raising with suitable lifting and lowering device of truck rear axle air suspension, stacker, crane or similar means, or using
pneumatic lifting device available at additional cost.
Setting down on tubular support legs – attachable to 1 set of support leg pockets – with feet on firm, level surface.

Incl. HP hoses and dry screw couplings for tipper body or tipping semitrailer

The process is facilitated by positioners, guides and stops.

Semitrailer equipment

1 fifth-wheel coupling, 2″, incl. level mounting plate with interchangeable subframe incl. guide rails, positioners and stops
E asily changeable thanks to towing pin fixation
R aising with crane, stacker or semitrailer support jacks (or with aforementioned air suspension with support legs and pockets – at additional cost)

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