Fast-swap body system for tipper body - concrete mixer truck

Product benefits

  • Pneumatic lifting bellows for raising the entire body
  • Optimum fixation of subframe to truck chassis via wedge hooks
  • Front supports for quick and simple body replacement
  • Rearward angled supports for secure body placement
  • Special subframe construction for optimum attachment of body to truck chassis
  • Guides, positioners and stops for safe and simple replacement
  • OPTIONAL: Foldable and removable underride protection

Product details

for tipper body

3-axle truck with internal body dimension of 4,880 or 5,100 mm

Fast-swap system for rapid, convenient and safe swapping of bodies, incl. subframe, in approx. 5 min.
Body subframe attachment via solid, chamfered wedge hooks

The truck is equipped with a pneumatically operated 4 or 6 t dual-link lifting and locking rocker, which
automatically moves the body over a cross member welded to the subframe for locking/unlocking
via the wedge hooks.
The body is raised or lowered in a direct, mechan. linked sequence.

The swap process is facilitated by

positioners, guides and stops.
This ensures safe, rapid changeover on firm, level surfaces without faults or operating errors.
The top dead centre locking generated due to spring preload is further secured by means of an electr. acoustic warning system in the cab.

The system is conveniently operated via a key switch valve in the cab.
1 set of HP couplings for tipper hydraulics, dry version

1 set of support leg pockets incl. plug-in support legs with feet for depositing empty body on level ground


For mixer body

Swap body for a suitable 6 to 7 or 8 to 9 m³ concrete mixer truck

, delivered prepaid to body plant
complete with accessories such as underride protection, mudguards incl. brackets, adapted subframe offset
EDC control unit with cables routed to the front, plus pre-assembled and painted as normal
Shortening of subframe at front to match front stop, allowing replacement with autom. pneum. swap system
incl. solid wedge hooks and cross members

Adaptation of supplied propshaft for hydraulic drive and of underride protection
Delivery of 1 set of support leg pockets incl. plug-in tubular support legs with feet for depositing the empty
mixer body, as well as conversion of propshaft for hydraulic drive with switch fuse, dynamically balanced
and 1 quick-release propshaft claw coupling for engine output to be provided with truck,
incl. dust protection,
key and fitted suspension

Connection of pre-fitted EDC control unit for engine start/stop and speed control with max. 15-pin connector + socket on console behind cab

Spot repair of mixer paintwork at weld points
1 set of cross members for 2 pairs of chute brackets provided

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